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Have you ever asked yourself “how long should my video be?”

As a content agency, this is a question we often hear from our clients. But the truth is, there is no definitive answer. So what exactly determines the length of a video? To put it simply, it’s a combination of content type, platform and audience.

Video length factors


Content Type

We all know that video content has become a powerful way to communicate. And with so many brands using this format, a variety of content styles have been established. Understanding the category your video falls into is essential to determining optimum duration. As an overview, here are the popular video types and their ideal video lengths.

video ideal length

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Another critical factor of video length is the platform it’s being viewed on. You adjust your format, copy and hashtags to suit the platform, so it makes sense to adjust your video duration as well. Each platform differs with its user experience, and content is designed to be seen in a different way and speed.

social video length

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The last factor to consider when determining the video length is the audience. Not only do demographics play a role in the level of engagement, but brands also must consider: why users are watching; what they’re hoping to gain from the video; and their attention span on the chosen topic. Once this has been decided, brands can not only tailor their video lengths but also their messages and key takeaway.

With numerous variables to consider, many still struggle to figure out the best length for maximum engagement. No matter the content, platform or audience, get in touch with us to discuss your video content goals.